AKAI CERAMIC STUDIO is a small, family-owned studio, operated by myself Yusuke, and my wife, Naomi. We have been creating our ceramics in this our studio since September 2012.
Both of us were born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Eighteen years ago, we moved to Toronto Canada.
I threw a tea bowl on the wheel for the first time in my life at age 13. I was so blown away by that experience that I have continued to create to this day. In my teens, I focused on traditional Japanese and Chinese ceramics; I taught myself the techniques by visiting regions famous for pottery making, and becoming acquainted myself with potters throughout Japan. In my twenties, I became drown drawn to American industrial design, especially that of the 1960s, and started collecting pieces from that era. After university, I worked as a designer and buyer of tableware by day, and as a potter by night. At the same time, I ran my own pottery-making classes and continued to make ceramics. After moving to Canada, I was fortunate enough to help potters and occasionally run my own workshops. But those activities were not sufficient to make a living, so I had to have a full-time job. Finally, about two years ago, I was able to spend more time on pottery making. Beginning with the 2012 Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts show, we have participated in many craft shows and sold our work to lifestyle stores.
My wife, Naomi, is an architect trained in Japan with extensive experience in designing kitchens and commercial spaces. She has worked on residential houses and cottages for 15 years since coming to Canada. With her architectural background, she brings invaluable ideas to my pottery work, and adds flavor to it. She also works behind the scenes as photographer and web master for the Akai Ceramics Studio.

We aim to excel in simple, timeless, beautiful (yet fun!), easy-to-use forms. We believe in the beauty of functional design, and hope our tableware will add colour to your life. 

All of our ceramics meet health and safety standards, and they are dishwasher and microwave safe. 

2013 Cabbagetown Art & Crafts Sale

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  1. Hello I purchased two cups from you and your wife at the 13th Street Winery Hand Made Market last month. I used them for our Cappuccinos. Last week, while rushing in the kitchen, I dropped one and it shattered. At first I was heart broken and then my daughter told me you were coming to Niagara College in June. Is it possible to send you a photo in hopes that you have more the same that you could bring with you. I would purchase three more if you have them. My email address is urbangraze@gmail.com if you would like to reply. Thank you in advance. Carole